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Assisted Adoption


Please take the time to read these first few paragraphs completely so you know what you can reasonably expect from us.

Often, members of the public come to us with cats or kittens they have rescued on their own hoping we can help in finding homes. While we would like to take in all the cats in need, we are a small rescue with limited reach, and it’s important that the number of cats and kittens brought to our weekly adoption events is in keeping with the current rate of adoption in our portion of the Bay Area.

The number of adoptions we attain has dropped over the past few years; so, unfortunately, the number of cats in our program will be reduced as well. We hope this is a temporary situation and that we will someday see adoptions as plentiful as we experienced a decade ago. But until then, we have chosen to reduce the number of cats in our own fostering program, as well as those brought to us by members of the public.

Before we proceed to the specific terms of the Public-Assist program, we highly recommend that you come into our store at Newark Mall (see Where to Find Us) as soon as possible so we can let you know if the program is currently open to new cats. Until we have discussed it with you, evaluated the cat(s), and had you fill out an application, we cannot guarantee you our assistance. It is also worth noting that we receive these requests all year long and will first accommodate those most willing to work in a timely manner and within our recommended guidelines.

The cats/kittens remain in your care until they are adopted. You are required to socialize the cats in your home and transport them to and from our weekly adoption clinics. Potential adopters must complete an application and will be interviewed by us as we facilitate the adoption process. Though, while we maintain the same standards for all cats adopted through our program, there is nothing contractual between PCR and the adoptive family of a public-assist cat. Any cat returned will go back to your home to be fostered again by you.

It’s important to know that it may take weeks or even months for all your cats to find homes and we are not in any way obligated to take the cats into our own foster homes should they not be adopted in a timely manner. Another important thing to remember is that our agreement to help is entirely conditional on you doing your part—working hard with the cats to be sure they are friendly, bringing them to adoption clinics as soon as they have been altered, and bringing them in as often as possible.

We ask for a $35 refundable donation per cat/kitten you bring into the Public Assist Program. This money will be used towards vaccinations and spay/neutering. It also serves to show a commitment on the part of the foster home since we will, if you wish, reimburse your $35 once the cat/kitten has been adopted. PCR keeps medications on hand for common cat ailments and can sometimes provide these to you, but any veterinary care outside of spaying and neutering is not paid for by us for public-assist cats. This same general rules applies to food and kitten milk; if we have a surplus on hand we may share it with you, but do not claim responsibility for feeding your cats.


"Owner Assist" was previously used as an all-purpose term for any adoption not involving cats that Purrfect Cat Rescue claimed responsibility for and/or ownership of. It now refers to a specific part of this program in which the cats being adopted are not stray and/or lost cats, but family pets which you can no longer care for. The terms and conditions outlined above are entirely the same. Additionally, we will want any veterinary records available including proof of spay/neuter.

Owner Surrender

"Owner Surrender" refers to a program in which cats needing to be rehomed quickly were taken on as our own, living in the home of one of our foster families until adopted. Due to an increase in the number of people requiring this service and a decrease in available foster homes, we will NOT offer Owner Surrender at this time, or any time in the foreseeable future.

We must refer people in this situation to the East Bay SPCA and Humane Society Silicon Valley, both of which have Owner Surrender programs and do their best to accommodate people in need of rehoming companion animals. Be aware that there is generally a fee to use these services and that they do not always have room in their program for all the animals that need rehoming.