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How you can help



There is no greater need to our organization than families willing to open their homes to cats and kittens while they await adoption to their forever homes. Fostering is a challenging and rewarding experience, and those who do so are the backbone of our adoption program. Purrfect Cat provides foster homes with all the supplies they need—food, litter, kitten milk (for bottle babies) and medical care. You provide a safe, caring home, and assure that the cats get to any necessary veterinary appointments and our weekend adoption events.

It is essential that someone in the foster home can provide transportation and time needed to accommodate these. Fostering is, of course, a responsibility—and one worth sharing with children in most age groups—but much of it is also fun, educational, and completely worth the time and effort you put into it.

We do our best to work with fosters so they are comfortable with the cats they are caring for in terms of ages (bottle babies, weaned kittens, teen-agers, etc.) and can usually provide temporary cat sitting in another foster home in the case of vacation or a personal emergency. We also provide fosters with lots of advice and suggestions so they will never feel they are on their own.



For those who cannot open their homes to a cat but want to help, we are always grateful for your donations. Our needs change all the time depending on the number of cats—and ages and requirements of those cats and kittens—that happen to be under our care at a given time.

Because of this, donations of money and gift cards for pet supply stores are the most helpful to us (please see our donations page), but we recognize that some people prefer to donate physical items; here is a small list of resources we can use most of the time.

KMR, Kitten Milk Replacer, powdered
Royal Canin Baby Cat Food, Purina Kitten Chow
Canned Kitten/Cat Food
Small Puppy Training Pads
Scratching Posts and Pads
Cat Toys

All food should be unopened (for safety concerns, anything brought us open will be discarded) and used scratching posts or kitty condos should only be gently used and fairly clean.

Other Volunteer Opportunities


Despite being a small organization, our core membership and foster homes provide us with ample people to run our weekly adoption events. Because of this we do not currently need volunteers to help us in this way. Neither can we accommodate people seeking to fulfill a community service requirement, but we truly appreciate everyone who wishes to help and hope the future brings us a greater need for volunteers outside of fostering.